Friday, December 30, 2011

chili fries and cupcakes

I realized...or more came to terms with a glitch in the cleansing plan: If I don't eat for the three days before New Year, I could possibly get really sick when I inevitably pop the bubbly. So I decided to eat, but eat healthier for the next three days, and then start the cleanse in 2012. I hate starting something on New Years feels like it is recipe for failure.

regardless of the cleansing issue, yesterday evening was a great time. I met Courtney for a free dinner at the new vegan restaurant that's opening a location in the loop, Native Foods Cafe. Since I am a rewards member with Wicker Park location, I got this free invite! We got way too much food (it was free) and unfortunately had to eat as much as we could because they didn't let us take anything to go. I put my cupcake in my purse though :)


Courtney wasn't impressed

lavender lemonade

vegan carrot cupcake

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