Sunday, January 22, 2012

Art of Assisting Day 1

"We are all afraid of each other. You are afraid of me. I am afraid of you. 
But why let it be that way? If we all embrace each other with love and kindness, it wouldn't. And that change starts with you. So stop being fearful."

the mothership
Day 1 started with a really powerful practice. I forgot how freaking nuts Brandon's classes are! They really are like going to church! Like, the shit that comes out of his mouth is so brilliant. He is the best teacher I have ever had in my life, across disciplines, and ages. 

Even better, the people in my program rock! I went to an All-Day Immersion with Baron Baptiste a few months ago and basically came out of it with an eating disorder. OMG not even kidding. Everyone there was freak skinny and yoga buff and they were so into that "I am here to serve you and discover my inner light" bullshit. Ok, maybe that's not bullshit. But when it comes out of a botoxed mouth, it is.

I digress

The first day was incredibly empowering. After practice, we did a few exercises about really looking into someones eyes- connecting with someone so that you form one being. I know what you are thinking- trust exercises, right? Ew! you are so wrong! Have you ever just sat down and looked into some. Like, dealt with it and done it? Even a smile is a mask. We are fearful. And that sucks balls so stop doing it durrr. Break space boundaries. connect.

The absence of fear allows you to be true to yourself. I forget who said it, but Speak so loudly so that I do not hear anything you say. 

We also started learning the basic assists- down dog, forward folds, chaturanga, up dog, tadasana- and practicing on a partner.

After a dinner break (in which i checked into my bed and breakfast) we got in a huge circle and had to stand in the center one by one to introduce ourselves, why we are here, and what our intention is for this program. I told everyone that I hate assists and I avoid classes that they are are. haha what? it's the truth. I hated being touched...I wanted to figure out the poses for myself and feel things out. Not immediately be fixed by someone. (OMG I already can't wait to write the post about how I feel now about assists...BTW, getting assists are actually great...they are like wonderful yoga massages mmmmm)

We are always a student. But when you are a teacher, you are always a teacher as well.

dinner in my b&b night one. bread wine and hummus. 

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